Blanquito is a mime, relative of the traditional Pierrot, which represents the man of the New Era. Eclectically  re-construct the old forms of the  Lazzi (generic tern used by the Commedia dellŽArte in the XVII Century) to animate the escenic play. The use of a white mask revalorice his movements and provokes in the espectator, as inanimate object, certain restissness, at the same time that inspires humor, tenderness and confidence.

Emphacize the virtuosity which he recreates situations, objects and fancifut  spaces. To walk, to ride a bicycle, to haul a rope, to sham a glass (mirror) are exercises which its shot lenggth of time to be inserted in any variety show.

What makes Blanquito actual is not that he is a mime with a refined and a very much purifyed  technique as he has, but to have known to conjugate from a minimalistic set up, the entire tradition of the Manierismo pos-renaissance of the Comedy of the Art in only one character. Using for that  purpose as indefinite element a neutral mask , setting him in the  no character, no psychology, nosex,  no race,  no space-time. Lacking for that reason of age, been male or female, child orgrown-up, inspiring fear or confidence, depending of  the situation and the moment. This place the character besides to the new, besides to the modern. Blanquito is an actual and modern character, been able to perform in any space, place or part of the world.